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Stainless-Steel Pump Housing Box

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This custom 15x15 inch Stainless-Steel Pump Housing Box is specifically designed for use with the IVEK Digispense 1000/RS232 Methadone Dispenser.

The unit can either be free-standing or wall-mounted and will hold the pump head, tubing, and medication bottle.  The unit keeps the medication bottle secure and assists with keeping a neat and orderly dispensary room organizing loose parts in one convenient contained unit.  The Pump Box can accommodate 1000 ml bottles from all the major manufacturers.  

Please specify a right or left opening when ordering.  Depending on placement in your dispensary, a right or left opening for the medication cup will ensure that the Pump Housing Box is comfortable and convenient with the dosing cup always at their fingertips.

Pump Housing Unit comes with two screws to mount the pump head.