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Queueview Screen

Methasoft Queueview is an add-on application designed to assist with streamlining daily clinic activities.  Generally displayed on a large screen in the waiting area of the clinic, it displays a real-time view of the dosing queue including dosing window statuses as well as announcements.


  • The left side of the screen features a patient list, which is customizable to display either the patient ID’s or first name and last initial.
  • The bottom panel displays the current dosing window status. As patients are pulled from the queue to the window, an audible announcement is made that instructs the patient where to go.
  • The screen is capable of displaying up to eight dosing windows simultaneously with custom names.
  • Announcements are located on the main panel on the right side of the screen. These messages are fully customizable with display dates, static or scrolling messages and selectable icons.
  • Preferences include options for Weather Display, Custom Welcome Messages, Customizable Windows, Patient Statuses and more.