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OBOT360 is a stable, reliable, cost–effective software solution for Office–based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) facilities. OBOT360 utilizes DrFirst (www.drfirst.com) as a strategic integration partner to deliver e–prescribing functionality to your OBOT facility.

Dr. First

OBOT360 which is a Netalytics product has adopted functionality from the industry leading Methasoft software. This insures the stability of using a proven product that has been around for 20+ years while enjoying the latest state of the art technologies. This also guarantees the OBOT360 customer receives the same standard of excellence customer service that is well known in the industry and is delivered with all Netalytics products.

Why OBOT360?

  • Offers e–prescribing to providers allowing them to write and send prescriptions to a participating pharmacy electronically instead of using handwritten or faxed notes or calling in prescriptions. This is accomplished through our integration partner DrFirst drfirst.com.
  • Efficiency – improves staff efficiency and saves your clinic time and money
  • Reduces Paperwork Time – increases available time for direct patient care
  • User–friendly – personalized and easy–to–use
  • Accreditation/Inspections – assists with accreditation process and inspection requirements
  • Flexibility – flexible system adapts to YOUR business
  • Comprehensive – complete operational system
  • Integrated – fully integrated Pharmacy, Clinical, & Financial modules
  • Powerful Reporting – provides readily accessible and detailed reports
  • Affordable – affordable Lease or Purchase options
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support – the BEST in the business
  • Free Upgrades – always included with lease or current support contract
  • Case Management Tools: Progress Notes, Treatment Planning, Assessments
  • Advance Digital Signing capabilities to achieve a paperless environment

Financial Management

  • Complete financial tracking of patient and third–party balances.
  • Ability to easily undo payments and charges entered erroneously.
  • Flexible patient charging – option to charge patients individually.
  • Convenient method of reconciling patient and insurance balances.
  • Reports track patients' account history and balances.
  • Complete online balance journal showing all patient financial activity.
  • Enhanced billing.
  • Billing units added for billable services.
  • Electronic EDI available for additional cost.
  • Billing as a Service (BaaS) available for additional cost.

Patient Management

  • Complete patient information tracking
  • Enhanced counselor functionality, including treatment planning, case notes, assessments, and psychosocial evaluations
  • Daily Activity screen to help counselors manage their case load
  • Integrated Patient Transfer/Discharge summaries
  • Sophisticated flagging system that allows flags at the payments, dosing, and counselor screens
  • Complete urinalysis tracking, including random drug screens
  • Reports track all patient management functions
  • Waiting List – tracks complete waiting list as well as analysis on your waiting list over time
  • Referrals – tracks all outside referrals and provides analysis reports for accreditation assistance
  • Drug Screen – electronic downloads – supports multiple drug testing companies
  • Patient Identification Cards printed with barcode and photo ID
  • Patient Chart that is available for electronic export

E–prescribing Management

  • E–prescribing, allowing providers to write and send prescriptions to a participating pharmacy electronically instead of using handwritten or faxed notes or calling in prescriptions
  • Tracks dosing history, medication, and schedule
  • Electronic doctor's orders
  • Integrated flagging system allowing you to stop patients at the window before they dose
  • Tracks patient detoxification schedule online
  • Enhanced scheduling to track patients on weekly, bi–weekly, monthly, or other dosing schedule
  • Enhanced detox/titrate scheduling – handles any titrate or detoxification schedule

Clinic Management

  • Integrated security to control access to every feature in the OBOT360 system
  • Complete audit trail of activities performed in the system
  • Many preference options to allow you to customize the software for your clinic
  • Reports designed to assist with day–to–day operations as well as accreditation
  • and inspections

Digital Signing

There is a continued desire for clinics to operate in a paperless environment. We have made great strides in Digital Signing functionality to achieve this goal. The following items can now be electronically signed in OBOT360: Assessments, Case Notes, Custom Templates, Discharge/Transfers, Guest Dosing Requests, Orders and Treatment Plans.

You can sign these items using the following methods:

  • Real Time Capture – The person being requested to sign will use the Topaz signature pad to sign the object. This is most commonly used for the patient's signature.
  • Pre–Captured (PIN Validation) – The user being requested to sign will enter a PIN number and a signature that has been pre–captured will be applied to the object.
  • PIN Validation (User or Patient) – The person being requested to sign (user or patient) will enter a PIN number. In the case of the user, a pre captured signature will be applied to the object. For the patient, the object will read "Electronically Signed using PIN".
  • Pre–Captured (Password Validation) – The user being requested to sign will enter a password and the pre–captured signature will be applied to the object.
  • Password Validation – The user being requested to sign will enter a password and the object will read "Electronically Signed using Password".


OBOT360 security is customizable for each user. Access to each screen can allow a user to add, edit or view screens. Where patient data is concerned, nothing is more important than security. This ensures that only authorized users have access to confidential patient information. OBOT360® not only provides password controlled access, but also utilizes leading biometric technologies such as fingerprint recognition for patients and staff. Industry standard encryption is used to keep data secure and intact. Access to patient data can be customized to all areas in the system, locking or granting permissions for each user.


Advanced reporting features in OBOT360® allow all levels of users to gather and analyze the data they need, when they need it. OBOT360® Perspective provides tailored views of this information. Actual reports are created using the latest SQL Server Reporting Tools. Many of these reporting features have been added to assist with data collection and analysis necessary for the accreditation process.

  • Approximately 300 reports, including a variety of label options.
  • Report preferences allow the facility to define how reports are categorized and sorted.
  • Each report can be sorted a variety of ways.
  • Search criteria filters report data.
  • Search parameters can default for each report.
  • Users can select required signatures for each report.
  • Report categories can be added to organize reports.
  • One click printing (print all reports within a certain category such as daily reports).