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Engage Now


Many customers contacted us today to inquire about our Engage Mobile app. Some of our customers are using the app so the patient can check-in from outside the clinic and either be dosed in their car, or the clinic asks the patients to check their position in line using the Engage App, and only enter the clinic when they are, say, 5th in line, thus reducing the number of patients inside the clinic at any one time.

This could help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  There is some set-up required and the patient would need to download the app. This module comes with our Kiosk agreement if you are interested. Please take a look at the video below and let me know if we can assist you. We do wish you well and want all of you to stay safe.

Using Engage patients enrolled in a Methadone treatment program can:

  • Help with Social Distancing
  • Check in to the dosing queue with the tap of a button once at the facility
  • Check queue wait times from home (come to the clinic when the line is small), and their position in line if asked to wait in the car for your turn to dose
  • Make outstanding balance payments via credit card – no more handling of cash between patient and staff
  • Receive notification of appointments and clinic wide information

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