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Billing As A Service

BaaS by Netalytics is an outsourced medical billing solution for your facility. This service has become the popular choice among many addiction treatment facilities.

What is BaaS?

  • We create your insurance claims within your Netalytics software
  • We track down rejections and denials
  • We resubmit corrected claims if needed
  • We post your payments within your Netalytics software
  • We suggest best practices to your staff so less claims are denied
  • We provide powerful reporting that will let you see your claims and payments

Why use BaaS?

  • Gives you more time to concentrate on patient care
  • Affordable – BaaS can pay for itself because of less denials and rejections
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support – the BEST in the business
  • Evolving – As payer requirements change so does BaaS to accommodate your needs

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